Florida is the sunshine state, and whether you are a local resident or frequent visitor, the idea of purchasing a home right on the beach is very appealing. 

If you are in the process of looking for the perfect beach house, you might be so excited that you overlook some important details. So, here are two things that prospective home owners forget to consider when purchasing a beach house.

Summer Climate

Rain and wind are typical phenomena in a Florida summer that usually do not do much damage. Of course, there is always the chance that one of these storms can cause a flood, and this is something to remember when looking at beach homes.

Elevated beach homes are the most ideal to withstand inclement weather, but don’t take homes built at sea level off your list. There are beach house cargo lifts specialists in Florida that can take your perfect beach home and raise it above sea level for protection.

beach house cargo lifts

If you come across a home that isn’t lifted when browsing, remember that you may need to lift it and consider this when negotiating the price.


Nothing could be worse than finding your perfect beach house, only to realize you moved in next-door to noisy neighbors. Beach homes tend to be closer together, and a loud neighbor has the potential to ruin your tranquil days and nights.

So, when touring homes, make a point of seeking out the neighbors. Talk to them about the community and take note of the driveways by yours. Take a second to stop and listen and smell.

If the neighbors are friendly, if their music isn’t too loud, and if their trash isn’t strewn about, you’ll know that you’re about to move into a great community!