farming in alberta canada

Welcome to one of the oldest professions in the world. That is to say that you are new to farming and are currently seeking greener pastures. You have reached a stage in your life where you have declared to yourself, and to others, that you can go no more. Well, you could if you wanted to and without trying. It is just that you have grown so weary of city life and the rest of the gray rat race that chases it.

Indeed, you know this much. Greener pastures are out there, none so than in Alberta, Canada. Time to sell up and pack your worldly belongings and head across the border to go and do some farming in alberta canada. But perhaps you are still a greenhorn where farming is concerned, it might be a good idea for you to start small. But if you are that ambitious and still have that bug to succeed that you have always had in the city, you will of course, always be able to branch out.

But first this. Get hold of a smallholding. Ideally it will already have some structures intact familiar to small-scale farming practices. The best thing about starting small in farming on a smallholding is that here is your opportunity to become wholly organic in your farming practices. But it would be usual to expect challenges when undertaking this rudimentary form of farming. But then again, if the grass is really green on the other side and the soil is fertile then all challenges associated with organic farming practices are never insurmountable.

But what kind of farming? Decisions still need to be made. What do you do here? Do you explore the markets or do you follow your heart?